Dental X-Rays in Pompano Beach: The Classic and Modern – Which Is Best?

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The role of x-rays in the field of dentistry is great. Imagine if dental radiograph is not developed: How can the dentist accurately spot oral complications? It would be difficult to detect periapical abscesses, decay, and damaged fillings without the use of an x-ray.

Dental x-rays had been an essential tool for every dentist. In fact, almost a majority of dental practitioners have dental radiograph machine in their clinics. The only difference is that some of them still utilize the traditional type of x-rays while others already resorted to the digital option like us at Langston Amador Dental Group. But which is better and which is not? Below is the comparison between the two.


Conventional Dental X-ray vs. The Digital Type

Have you ever been asked to undergo a chest x-ray? Traditional dental radiograph works the same as the ones offered by medical professionals before. It uses a film and a radiation-generating machine to create an image. Patients then may need to wait for several hours as the picture takes a while before it appears in the film. Classic x-rays are less expensive; however, they are not so beneficial to the environment because of the use of harmful chemicals. Not to mention that it is much harder to dispose of.

On the flip side, digital dental x-rays use sensors to catch the image instead of a film. The picture will then be transferred to the computer right after the device captures it. Contrary to standard radiographs, digital x-rays prohibit the use of chemicals. So it is safe to say that going digital can save the earth. If you are someone who values time a lot, the modern type of x-ray taking is best for you! Unlike the conventional option, you don’t have to wait for hours or even days before you can have your x-ray result. The photos produced by digital dental x-rays are of good quality, clear, and accurate. And since it is directly linked to the computer, dentists can email the images to their patients so they too can have copies. But if there’s one good thing about the said method, it is the fact that the radiation it emits is 80% lesser than the previous alternative.

Are things clear now? The next thing that you should do if you are from Pompano Beach, FL is to look for a local dental clinic that offers digital dental x-ray service. No, there’s no need for you to look harder as we at Langston Amador Dental Group provide the said amenity. If you come to our office the first time, we will take an x-ray of your mouth during the checkup. Your dental image will serve as our record which will assist us in keeping track of your oral health.


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