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Anyone with missing teeth wishes to have it restored for them to use their mouth fully and normally. Missing teeth have multiple adverse effects on a person’s oral health and even their facial structure. The spaces left can cause the surrounding teeth to shift and fill the gaps which can eventually cause a problem with the bites which might require orthodontics to be corrected. Langston Amador Dental Group offers solutions to replace the missing teeth, preserve the bone and facial structure with the help of Dentures.




Dentures Offered at Langston Amador Dental Group

Traditional Dentures

It is the type of restoration service that is commonly used to replace multiple or an entire row of teeth at either top or bottom part of the jaw. Dentures are removable dental appliances that can replace not only the missing teeth but also its adjacent tissues. Each denture are custom-made for patient’s which are made of acrylic resin that can blend with the color of the gums to provide a natural look when worn. If the patient is in need of a partial denture the pontics (fake teeth) to be used is chosen by the dentist to resemble the remaining healthy teeth closely.

Denture Stabilization Implants

Dentures cannot fully satisfy patients of its stability which is why Denture Stabilization Implants can help in its improvement. The procedure is performed by the dentist where they place a metal framework on the patient’s jaw bone which can secure its stability and retention. Though the procedure uses Implant framework, the denture can still be removed for cleaning and can be easily reattached.

Fixed Dentures

Fixed dentures are ideal for patients who want to have their teeth replaced without any worries of slipping during eating or talking. It allows the patients to enjoy eating foods without any restrictions since fixed dentures are made to stay in the patient’s mouth securely at all times. It can appear as a natural part of the mouth. It uses a total of six implants that are strategically placed in the patient’s jaw bone to fully support an entire arch of teeth at either top or bottom part of the jaw.

Do not miss out on life because of missing teeth! Make sure to consult our dentists at Langston Amador Dental Group; different solutions are offered for the restoration of your smiles that can once again let you enjoy daily activities to your heart’s content.


You deserve outstanding dental care services. Book your appointment with us and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth with Dentures in Pompano Beach! We are located at 2000 North Federal Highway #300, Pompano Beach, FL 33062.