Know More About Dental X-rays in Pompano Beach, FL

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X-rays had been used for decades to diagnose, monitor, and treat many medical concerns. It is commonly used by the doctors and can be seen mostly in hospitals. However, dentistry also uses a specific type of x-ray to detect the patients’ dental conditions. For the new patient, the dentist will recommend dental x-rays to determine the present status of their oral health which will serve as a baseline to identify changes in the future.

We at Langston Amador Dental Group is concerned about the optimal oral health of our patients, and we believe that through Regular Checkups, one can ensure healthy mouth and teeth. We make sure that our patients will have efficient and fun dental experience in our office. Our regular checkup services include a full oral examination, professional dental cleaning, and oral cancer screening. If necessary, we also provide digital x-ray procedures for accurate oral problems detection.


What are Dental X-rays?

A dental x-ray is a diagnostic tool that helps the dentist detect dental damages and diseases that are not visible during the regular dental exam. The information from the x-ray helps dentists identify oral irregularities and infections such as:

  • Cavities
  • Erupting teeth
  • Gum disease
  • Abscesses
  • Cysts and tumors
  • Impacted wisdom teeth

Dental x-rays are safe, and there is only a low level of radiation present, causing a very low risk of potentially harmful effects. For pregnant women, apron and thyroid collar is necessary to protect the fetus from radiation exposure.


How does it work?

When the x-ray passes through the mouth, it will be absorbed by the teeth and bones more than the soft tissues and gums. The more the x-ray is absorbed, the more it appears lighter. Since the teeth incorporate more x-rays, they will seem brighter on the radiograph or the final x-ray. However, the area of the teeth that has decay will be shown darker as it cannot take as much of the x-ray.


Digital X-Ray


Digital X-ray vs. Traditional X-ray

Digital x-ray has more advantages than of traditional x-ray. Concerning radiation, digital x-ray produces 80 percent less than the traditional one. Digital x-ray is more advanced, making it is readily available at a low cost. Traditional x-ray, on the other hand, can sometimes be costly because it has a film that needs to be purchased and developed. One convenience of a digital x-ray is the fact that there is no need to spend time developing the image as it can produce and display the image instantly. With digital x-ray, both the dentist and the patients can avail its benefits. Compared to traditional x-ray, where films are difficult to store and maintain as it degrades over time, the image produced by digital x-rays does not lose its quality. It can be resized for easier and accurate diagnosis of the dentist and larger scale view for the patients.


Fast facts about Dental X-rays

  • Natural gas used in cooking have more radiation than dental x-rays.
  • Radiation can be found anywhere – tv sets, computer, ceilings, walls.
  • Dental x-ray images were first developed in the year 1895.

Digital x-rays are essential dental tools necessary to make a regular check-up procedure more effective and productive.


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