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Cosmetic Dentistry

An attractive smile is infectious and is a sign of great confidence and positivity. Your smile can uplift the spirit of family, friends and strangers alike. That is why at Amador Dentistry, we consider the health and beauty of your smile our top priority.

Our cosmetic dental solutions help you enhance the aesthetics of your smile while ensuring that your dental health is maintained at its optimal state. Even a small modification in your smile can really transform the way you look and feel. We focus on giving you a natural looking smile by addressing your specific concerns and problems. We may use one or a combination of treatments to enhance your smile. Some examples of cosmetic dental procedures available in our practice include:

  • Teeth Whitening: Worried about stained and discolored teeth? Amador Dentistry is here to help. Our practice offers state-of-the-art teeth whitening treatments to help boost the color and confidence of your smile. We offer Opalescence teeth whitening brand and In-house whitening products.
  • Veneers: Veneers are a natural looking and long-term solution to modify the appearance of your teeth and smile. They can correct a wide range of oral imperfections such as misshapen or crooked teeth, gaps, stains and worn out teeth, and help make your smile look virtually perfect. At Amador Dentistry, we take more than just the color and shape of your teeth into account while designing your veneer. We offer options of No-Prep Veneers, Porcelain, EMAX and Empress brand veneers.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your smile, the dental care experts at Amador Dentistry can help you achieve your dream smile. Schedule a consultation at our office today, and we will help you understand the cosmetic dental treatments available at our practice and how they can be suitable for you. Call us at (954) 941-4410 to schedule your appointment now.

Our Happy Patients

"This place is amazing. Not only is Dr. Amador so nice and knowledgeable he explains everything to you each step of the way so you never wonder what it is he is doing. The staff is amazing as well. From the moment you walk into the office, you’ll feel relaxed and at ease, which for a dental appointment that’s pretty rare. They use state of the art equipment and are very reasonably priced. I’ve sent friends and family there and they all thank me for the recommendation. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed."

David G. David G.

"I highly recommend Dr. Amador for any dental work or Invisalign! I'm so very happy with my results. The staff is so friendly and accommodating. They will make you feel at home! Excellent all around experience!!"

Adriana S. Adriana S.

"Dr. Amador is just an all-around good guy! He's smart, he's talented, he's polite, professional and the quality of work is out-standing. Those 5 stars mean a lot from me; I demand excellency with any service I'm paying for!"

Thomas W. Thomas W.
We're here to help you get the perfect smile!
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